Trios® Surgical Table System

Spine surgery table with Radiolucent Imaging Top and 180-degree patient rotation mechanism


Designed for spinal and neurosurgery, this surgical table system features a spine surgery top, radiolucent imaging top, (orthopedic trauma top) and 180-degree rotation mechanism for enhanced patient positioning based on the individual patient’s spinal anatomy. Convenient table top height adjustment helps ensure efficient surgical performance.


Trios® Surgical Table System is ideal for patients with a herniated disc or who need a spinal fixation implant. In the OR, the system works well in conjunction with 360-degree imaging systems such as the O-arm, doing away with the need to transfer the patient from one table to another. Simply by adjusting the Trios® to a suitable position, the patient’s anatomy will be perfectly positioned for the procedure.


“Surgical table with 180-degree rotation mechanism,
adjustable to fit individual patient’s anatomy for increased surgical accuracy.”



  • Adjustable components ensure optimal patient accommodation regardless of shape and size. Also provides the right weight and pressure support to ensure convenience and comfort throughout the procedure.
  • The table can rotate through 180 degrees, allowing doctors to achieve appropriate patient positioning at any point in the procedure.
  • The system can be used in conjunction with an O-Arm or C-Arm imaging device to more accurately locate the target object.



  • Suitable for spinal surgery patients.
  • Suitable for doctors who require X-ray imaging before vascular, joint or pain-management surgery.
  • Suitable for patients seeking treatment for disease of the bone, muscular or neural system.

The Trios® is a surgical table system designed for spinal and neurosurgery. It features a radiolucent top that can rotate through 180 degrees and can be adjusted to accommodate individual patient’s anatomy as well as the patient positioning required for each procedure, whether prone, supine or lateral. It also comes with convenient table-height adjustment mechanisms to ensure increased operative efficiency.


The system consists of a base and 3 table tops designed for different functions: Spinal Surgery Top, Radiolucent Imaging Top and Orthopedic Trauma Top. This allows your doctor to choose one that is most suitable for the procedure or use all three in combination for optimal treatment efficiency. The system can be used in conjunction with the O-Arm or C-Arm navigation system to more accurately locate the target object of a surgical procedure regardless of its location and orientation on the patient’s anatomy.


The Trios® Surgical Table System has a weight capacity of 300 kilograms, twice that of normal surgical tables. It allows optimal patient positioning and rotation for spinal surgery, X-ray or orthopaedic trauma procedure, facilitating doctors’ work and minimizing the possibility of human error.


The table features a completely radiolucent carbon fiber top and control mechanisms designed with the needs of doctors and patients in mind. Tempur-Pedic® Pad technology incorporated into all patient surfaces helps enhance comfort during the operation while the unique tabletop mounting interface ensures increased safety.