Orthopedic Chair By Prof. Dr. Amnuay Unnanunta


Dr. Amnuay Chair is designed to be taller and wider than normal chairs to prevent joint dislocation in patients following hip or knee surgery. The chair ensures that the sitter’s hip joints are higher than their knees and helps them maintain a stable sitting position. The patient can extend their operated leg out to the side with the knee bent up to 90 degrees.

The design of the chair enables an upright seated position while the optimal height of the arm rests ensures comfortable sitting. Muscle tiredness is reduced and sitting down and getting up from the chair requires less physical exertion than with normal chairs.
The chair is suitable for both symptomatic patients and those who want to exercise their leg muscles.


“A caring chair with a difference.”



  • Designed by orthopaedic surgeon Prof. Dr. Amnuay Unnanunta.
  • Specifically designed for patient rehabilitation and prevention of joint dislocation following knee or hip surgery.
  • When a patient no longer needs their Dr. Amnuay Chair, Thonburi Hospital will buy it back and make it available to other, less advantaged people.



  • Suitable for post-operative hip joint, knee joint and knee-replacement surgery patients.
  • Suitable for non-patients who wan to exercise their leg muscles.

This joint-supportive chair is especially designed to prevent joint dislocation following hip or knee surgery. Taller and wider than normal chairs, it raises the sitter’s hip joints higher than their knees and ensures a stable sitting position. Effective in preventing post-operative hip dislocation, it allows the sitter to extend their operated leg out to the side with the knee bent up to 90 degrees.


Another highlight is that the chair ensures an upright sitting position. The arm rests are at the proper height to make sitting comfortable and help reduce muscle tiredness. The chair structure is designed with hip and knee surgery patients and the elderly in mind. Users sit without having to bend their legs at a sharp angle or putting a lot of weight on their legs. Getting up is easy, requiring no pushing or extra support.


The chair works simply and beautifully. With normal chairs, the sitter’s legs dangle to the floor. More weight is placed on the lower legs and as a result, standing up can lead to impact with the floor. In contrast, Dr. Amnuay Chair can be adjusted to fit the sitter’s body, regardless of shape and size. It is therefore ideal for patients who have just undergone knee or hip surgery.


Exercise can start immediately following surgery using this chair. Knee-surgery patients should use it for 3-4 months. When seated in the chair, your legs will be raised above the floor, preventing accidental impact leading to joint dislocation. Hip surgery patients should use the chair for seated exercises for 3-6 months following surgery. You’ll find that you can sit down and get up from the chair with ease, no pushing up required. Your body will recover and the pain from surgery will gradually diminish.