"We are committed to being a leading hospital of standard in Thailand and winning the trust and satisfaction of our service users."


As a hospital, our strength comes from our team of more than 400 specialist doctors, 440 registered nurses and 300 experienced staff who work together to provide high-quality integrative medical care, spanning assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. With our high-caliber team and a total of 435 hospital beds, Thonburi serves all of your integrated health care needs.

The design of our treatment process is based on specialist knowledge developed by our expert medical personnel and bolstered by state-of-the-art medical devices and technology. Our inclusive space design is responsive to the needs of service users and takes into account the needs of all groups. In addition, our dedicated specialist centers and smart data management that spans on-ground and online channels to help ensure prompt patient access, are testament to our commitment to winning service users’ confidence in our care and trust in our internationally accredited services. Our ultimate aim is to pave the way to better quality of life for service users, families, and society as a whole.



Our team of doctors, nurses and medical services staff maintains a “patient-centered” approach in providing care. This has further elevated our patient accommodation and medical care and bolstered our potential to become a leading center of medical care in Thailand with a staff ready to provide services 24 hours a day.

“Trust and Understanding” are the keywords that our team looks to as a working principle. This means communicating with warmth, treating patients like family members and explaining symptoms and conditions in layman’s terms to help patients and families understand the treatment approach and enable them to follow it. The result is mutual trust between doctor and patient throughout the journey of treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and self-care, culminating in the patient getting better.


Everyone involved in the treatment process, from specialist doctors from various specialities to nurses, physiotherapists and other staff, works as a team to ensure a smooth journey for the patient.

With cooperation from everyone in our network of medical and support-services staff, together with an inclusive design and an ethos of being open to diverse, multidisciplinary treatment approaches, every challenge is readily met and every problem finds a solution. Regardless of how tough or urgent a case is, everything is possible in our quest to deliver quality care in the safest and most efficient way.


The future of patient treatment and care as visualized by Thonburi Hospital is predicated on two principles: Delivering good care in accordance with international standards by a team of specialist doctors who are supported by state-of-the-arts medical equipment and technology, and providing prompt services at accessible prices to allow everyone equal access to top-notch medical care.

Easily accessible services and attentive care are not restricted to just our hospital premises but extend to our Home Healthcare program, which is one of the highlights of our services. Smart management has elevated Home Healthcare to another level, with a Home Call service to foster a close relationship with service users and ensure their peace of mind about every facet of our services.


Progress in innovation and treatment technology inspires us to continue working to ensure that we have the best available medical tools and devices as well as state-of-the-arts systems to support patient treatment and care. By choosing competent helpers to assist our doctors and operation staff, we make sure that they are well equipped to deliver treatment and care in the most efficient way possible.

Thanks to continuous technology upgrades in compliance with international standards, medical care at Thonburi Hospital is fast and accurate, resulting in shorter recovery and rehabilitation time. Environmental upgrades at every touchpoint also help to meet the needs of new generations of service users while ensuring that everything is appropriate and appealing to all age groups.